Mindfold part 79

30th Jul 2018, 8:34 PM
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Mindfold part 79
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The Doodler 30th Jul 2018, 8:52 PM edit delete reply
The Doodler
The bit about shock was all I got. Ow, regardless.
fallopiancrusader 31st Jul 2018, 9:43 AM edit delete reply
It's like a combination of mystical and medical jargon. I don't even know what it means XD
Iceburgh69 31st Jul 2018, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
Is it supposed to by hypostaltic shock or hypostatic shock? Or will that be explained later and I'm jumping the gun?
fallopiancrusader 31st Jul 2018, 9:40 AM edit delete reply
Some of the esoteric magical jargon will not be explained, except for context. It's sort of like all of those weird technical terms they would throw around in "Star Trek". Like, how does a Tricorder work, anyway? "Hypostaltic" is bad Greek for "standing below"
Iceburgh69 1st Aug 2018, 12:02 AM edit delete reply
Ok. I tried looking it up, and Google didn't like it, so I thought I'd double-check.
Bear 31st Jul 2018, 3:04 AM edit delete reply
One of those " We're no longer in Kansas..." moments.
I waited so long ...then missed a page,'cause I gave up, so I got 2 for1 B-)
fallopiancrusader 31st Jul 2018, 9:36 AM edit delete reply
My commercial work has been very demanding, so I couldn't work on the comic for about a month or so
AmeliaP 15th Aug 2018, 12:55 PM edit delete reply
Haha I'm with you, Darra XD
fallopiancrusader 15th Aug 2018, 4:04 PM edit delete reply
Darra may understand the words now, but not necessarily what they are supposed to mean XD