Mindfold Page 101

2nd Jul 2019, 11:39 PM
Mindfold Page 101
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Author Notes:

fallopiancrusader 2nd Jul 2019, 11:39 PM
Inks by Arabella Salvini

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Merman83 3rd Jul 2019, 10:07 AM
The close up of the cat spots are incredible! Amazing work!
fallopiancrusader 3rd Jul 2019, 10:26 AM
The cats spots are just a tiny piece of a photo of a leopard with a bunch of Photoshop filters run on it. No trick is too cheap and dirty for me! XDDD
DLNorton 7th Jul 2019, 10:53 PM
I love all the fun shit you can do in Photoshop. It's great image editing tool..!
fallopiancrusader 25th Jul 2019, 11:13 AM
I've been hearing good things about Affinity Photo, too. I'll have to check that one out some time soon...
Jason Moon 12th Jul 2019, 8:30 PM
Jason Moon
hahaha clean bandits!
fallopiancrusader 25th Jul 2019, 11:12 AM
They want to protect their investment!